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Thank You!

With the release of my book only one month away (thanks Nora and Max for chessin for me), I want to thank some specific people who made it possible. Each person or people played an intricate part in the book coming to life, and for that, I want to say thank you...and embarass them a little ;-)

Justin Laib...thanks for walking this road before me, sharing your wisdom with me, always being a mentor to me, and telling me to write and process all of what I was learning in my life during my firing season. My personal journal to God became a book because you challenged me to lean into Jesus and be refined by Him instead of being mad at Him, mad at His Church, and mad at my circumstances. Thank you.

Tom Jensen...thanks for being a constant source of counsel and guidance in the midst of it all and for these past several years. I cherish our times together and appreciate how you encoruage and challenge me to be more like Jesus and help the Church to do the same. Thank you.

Jake Andrews...thanks for being a loyal friend to me, truly a brother, in that season of ministry. There's not too many people you work with that make you laugh everyday, but you did, and made those two years alot of fun. Thank you.

JK Stevens...thanks for giving me a chance to stay in ministry and believe that my past didn't have to dictate my future. Six and a half years later, I always tell people it's your fault that I'm at Avenue in my position ;-) Thank you for welcoming me to the staff team and being a constant prayer support to Maria and I throughout this season. Thank you.

Deanna Harrison...thanks for your kindness and empathy to me as we talked about our shaerd experiences. The work you are doing is invaluable to Pastors and their families. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement all the journey and I know our paths will continue to intersect as we love on the church and its leaders. Thank you.

Caleb Breakey and Renown Publishing Team...thanks for believing in my story, investing hours of time and energy into my book proposal and getting me connected in the publishing world. As a first time author, it was overwhelming to think I could actually publish a book and your constant belief and encouragement made it possible. Thank you.

Cortney Donelson... thanks for being a 5-start editor! I couldn't believe how many red marks you had on my initial manuscript ;-) but wow, you really were amazing at editing! This book, my story, is readable because of you. Thank you.

David Hancock and the Morgan James Publishing Team...thanks for walking me through the entire publishing process and giving so much wisdom and guidance along the way. I'm excited that this is just the beginning of seeing my story come to life and hopefully impacting many people for years and years to come. Thank you.

There's many more people I can thank...friends and church family from my previous church and from Avenue, you have been such a blessing to remind me of how amazing the Church is when you're in times of need. Other pastors, leaders, authors and podcast hosts who have prayed for me and ecnouraged me to keep sharing my story to help others in their refining season. Family who have been a constant support system of love, prayer and encouragement. Even people who I've just started to meet in the community, online, those who've pre-ordered my book, etc. Thanks for being a supporter of my book and my story.

They say it takes a village to write a book...maybe they don't say it, but I have definitely felt it :-) I have much to be thankful for in this process and much to look ahead to in this next month! As well, be on the lookout for podcast interviews that will be coming out over the next month, including one with Maria on it...because even I know who people want to here from in our family ;-)

Thank you to all and to all a good night!

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