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One Week 'Til Release!

Updated: Jan 2

In just one week, "Refined by the Fire(d)" will be available to read! Many of you have already pre-ordered it, which I'm so grateful for :-) If you haven't and are planning on purchasing, go for it as pre-sales will help keep this book in stock on digital platforms and brick and mortar stores.

What makes me most excited, and a little nervous, is that this book is a deeply personal narrative of the highs and lows of what I experienced in my firing. I never set out to write a book; rather, I was journaling all of my prayers and everything I was learning from God's Word and God's People. Yet in the midst of processing these things in what I considered unimaginable circumstances, God was not only teaching and growing me, He was ready to do the same in others.

So, buying this book or sharing my story so that others can read it, will be an opportunity to hear from God in the midst of whatever unimaginable painful circumstance you and others may find yourselves in right now or in the future. It will also be a great opportunity to reflect on your past (like I did) and begin to see God's redemptive work in your life, your story, and ultimately His plan.

I've already heard from some who have read it and I look forward to hearing more stories of how God worked in your life through my story!

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